Adults Suffering From Dyslexia – Is it Too Late to Get Help?

Children who are diagnosed with dyslexia upon entering school are fortunate compared to those adults suffering from dyslexia who never had the same opportunity. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition and early detection is important to help dyslexics cope with their disability as early as possible.Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects one’s ability to process information.  Adults suffering from dyslexia have difficulties in reading, comprehension, speaking, writing, spelling, identifying direction like left and right, performing mathematical computations, following instructions, managing time and counting numbers onwards and backwards. These difficulties can torment a person’s life if there is no early intervention to help him or her live a normal life.Adults suffering from dyslexia who never had the proper screening and treatments grew up thinking that they are stupid and slow learner resulting to low self-esteem. As adults, they are now suffering adult dyslexia in the workplace. Their learning disability prevents them from performing well at work. Once they get employed, things like time management, taking notes, remembering appointments and deadlines, being organized at work and following instructions are very difficult to handle. Some dyslexics get jobs below their qualifications just to avoid dealing with their difficulties.This should not be the case because adult dyslexia is now a recognized learning disability and there are help available now especially for those adults suffering from dyslexia.  Even the government is aware that adult dyslexics need assistance to understand and manage their disabilities. There are treatments and programs designed to help adult dyslexics cope with the demands of their jobs and daily activities.