5 Ways to Prevent Adult Diaper Rash

If you are an incontinence sufferer or if you are the caregiver for someone who is, you may be frustrated by the challenge of preventing adult diaper rash. People dealing with the problem of incontinence find that they are constantly trying to keep the skin that can be affected by incontinence healthy. This delicate skin is prone to breakdown by the urine and fecal matter that it comes into contact with when an incontinence product is used. This can not only lead to painful and irritating rashes but it can also lead to potentially serious infections, if the skin completely breaks down. This makes it crucial that those dealing with incontinence do all they can to prevent rash. Here are 5 ways to prevent adult diaper rash-1. Change often – The most effective way to prevent adult diaper rash is to change the incontinence pad or adult diaper that is being used on a regular basis. When the person with incontinence fails to change their incontinence undergarment on a regular basis, it can increase the chances that they will develop adult diaper rash. It is important to keep in mind that no matter how absorbent the adult incontinence product is, the person wearing it should still be changing it frequently in order to protect the skin that is at risk.2. Keep the skin clean – It is also important that the person with incontinence is able to keep the skin that is exposed to urinary and fecal matter as clean as possible. If the patient is not able to do it by themselves then the caregiver should make sure that this happens. When the skin that can be affected by incontinence is kept clean and dry, the chances of developing rash is reduced.3. Avoid irritation – Anyone who is managing incontinence either for themselves or someone in their care needs to understand that some incontinence products have dyes, chemicals, and even perfumes that can irritate the skin. Because the skin of the person with incontinence is delicate, the damage can be even more serious. If rash is happening, it should be evaluated as to whether an incontinence product is being used that has these additives. If it is then a simple change of incontinence product may be all that is needed in order to clear up the adult diaper rash.4. Use barrier methods – It should be noted that there are barrier methods that can be used in order to reduce the chances of adult diaper rash. There are many different skin creams that can protect the skin and allow it to not be affected by the urinary or fecal matter. Many of these skin creams are sold at sites that offer adult incontinence products. These skin creams are formulated specifically to help those who are dealing with this problem. In addition, many people with incontinence have found that using talcum powder can also provide another type of barrier that helps to prevent adult diaper rash.5. Watch what you eat and drink – Just like what you eat or drink can affect your incontinence, what you eat or drink can increase the chances of developing rash. Foods and drinks that are highly acidic can change the Ph balance of urine and make it more damaging to the skin. If you want to reduce the chances of developing adult diaper rash then it is important to follow an incontinence management diet that reduces citrus, spicy foods and drinks, chocolate, alcohol, and other known items that can make incontinence and adult diaper rash worse.