Are Adult Motorcycle Rallies For You?

You’ve heard the rumors, your best girlfriend has shown you her pictures and you’ve been dying to go with her for the past several years but you just can’t quite get yourself to take the plunge and attend your first adult motorcycle rally. It’s not like you’re a prude, heck you’ve been known to flash a biker or two on occasion and there was that spur of the moment wet t-shirt contest at last year’s birthday bash. However, you still have a bit of apprehension when it comes to adult motorcycle rallies, so, let’s take a closer look these festive events and see if we can help you to finally decide if adult motorcycle rallies are right for you!What exactly is an adult motorcycle rally? In truth, there is no correct answer to this question as adult motorcycle rallies are different things to different people but they do hold one thing in common, they do not allow anyone under the age of 21 through the gate. And while it would be impossible to define what an adult motorcycle rally is, it is quite simple to describe what they are not. Let’s start with the misconception that adult motorcycle rallies are packed full of naked people running around doing crazy things as this could be no further from the truth. Are there blatant acts of nudity at these rallies? Certainly there are but they are not the driving force behind these events, they are only a small piece of the lifestyle. Another misconception is that adult biker rallies are drunken, wild free for alls. This too could not be further from the truth. While there is plenty of drinking and hell rising going on at these parties, it certainly does not run ramped throughout the rally.Next, and maybe the most important to understand is that not all adult rallies that make claim to being motorcycle events are actually adult motorcycle rallies. Take for instance the Testicle Festival in Clinton, Montana. While the Testicle Festival is attended by hundreds of bikers and is promoted on motorcycle run calendars across the internet, this adult event is a far cry from an adult motorcycle rally. In attendance are people for all types, upbringings and lifestyles very few of which share a brother and sisterhood like that of biker. It is very important that you choose a bona fide adult motorcycle rally as the general public type adult events are completely lacking in the respect shared amongst bikers.Regarding the “adult” aspect of adult motorcycle rallies, there are two basic people in attendance, those that spectate and those that participate. Of course the spectator portion of the crowd is largely made up of men while the participating group is almost exclusively women. The level of participation varies greatly from rally to rally and person to person. For some, the party stays at their camp or may include no more than spending the weekend visiting and partying in revealing attire. Some rallies have a wilder side and there will be large numbers of women, in various stages of undress, drawing attention to themselves, while at the more subdued rallies the skin showing is left to those flashing for beads.Maybe the best example of all things great about an adult motorcycle rally is the Redwood Run. Several decades old, the Redwood Run is one of the last “old school” biker parties in existence. In June of each year, bikers converge on a tiny dot on the map in Northern California to spend the weekend kicking back, listening to bands, drinking and just having a kick ass time. The atmosphere at rallies such as these can be best described as a giant family reunion and respect is paramount. Many lady bikers spend the weekend wearing sheer tops, nipple pasties or even less, as they stroll around and visit others while taking in the events of the rally. It’s a peaceful, easy going atmosphere and exactly what you should look for in your first adult motorcycle rally regardless if you choose to be a spectator or participator.The most important thing to remember about adult motorcycle rallies is that it is not about looks, it’s about the lifestyle. At any real adult motorcycle rally, judgment is not an issue as placing judgment on others is not part of the biker lifestyle. Any man or women can be who they wish to be without worry of scrutiny from others as with bikers it’s all about the freedom of being whoever you wish to be.

Warwickshire Adult Dating Report

Adult dating prospects in Warwickshire are somewhat limited by the county’s population size and sparse population density. It is a county with only 530,000 inhabitants. As it is generally thought that in the U.K. less than one person in 500 is likely to participate in adult dating, for Warwickshire, this would mean around 1000 participants. Later on in this article we try to get a closer estimate of the figure.People from outside of the county sometimes refer to the cities of Coventry and Birmingham as being part of Warwickshire. Prior to 1974 this was indeed the case but since then they have belonged to the metropolitan county of the West Midlands. This huge, neighbouring county to the north-west is almost the complete antitheses of Warwickshire, being the most densely populated area in England apart from London. The good news is that if you live in Warwickshire and are frustrated in your search for no-strings-attached dating contacts, you do not have far to travel in order to enjoy more success.Warwickshire’s other neighbouring counties are Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire. Of these, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Oxfordshire have better prospects that Warwickshire. Northamptonshire is fairly similar whilst Gloucestershire and Worcestershire offer decidedly fewer adult dating contacts and activities.Most of Warwickshire’s population are located in the north and centre of the county. By the end of the nineteenth century, former market towns like Atherstone, Nuneaton, and Rugby had grown into industrial ones. Coal mining flourished in some areas as did the textile industry. Later on, urban Warwickshire became known for its engineering industry and cement became almost synonymous with the town of Rugby. Elsewhere other Warwickshire towns such as Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon, Kenilworth and Warwick have famous historical connections from times long before the industrial revolution. Such places make excellent locations for romantic dating settings but are somewhat thin on the ground when comes to searching for people to date with.The worst part of Warwickshire to search for contacts in is probably the far south where it is mainly rural and sparsely populated. Where the county borders Gloucestershire the Cotswolds provide an area of outstanding natural beauty but with a population of only 4600, Shipston-on-Stour is the largest town in the area. Similarly the very north of Warwickshire where it borders Staffordshire and Leicestershire, is another somewhat remote region with parts of the Peak District national park contributing more sheep than people.Earlier, this article referred to the factor of only one on five hundred people being likely to ever engage in adult dating. Getting a better idea of how much adult dating activity occurs in the county can be achieved by taking a look at the numbers of profiles showing for the county on top swinger and adult dating sites.Calculating numbers this way, suggests that there are around 400 singles and 300 couples active in adult dating in Warwickshire. Whilst this is not in itself a particularly heartening figure, the proximity of the West Midlands with its huge population and established adult dating activities presents people in Warwickshire who want to get pleasure from adult dating without having to travel far from home with some splendid opportunities.

Adult Costumes For the ‘Hit’ and the ‘Fit’

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